Newsmy Brand

After 15 years of development, Newsmy becomes one of the most famous brands in the IT industry in China. Newsmy portable hard disk, MP3 player, MP4 player and GPS hold the No.1 market share position for several years in the domestic market. Newsmy E-book reader, digital voice recorder and tablet PC are also on the top three Chinese local brands.

Newsmy owns millions of loyalty users, especially gains good reputation and recognition from the young people. Newsmy people will work hard to keep promoting Newsmy brand with the cooperation from our numerous distributors and resellers to fulfill the objective “Be a global brand which all Chinese can be proud of”. Newsmy people will use the up-to-date cutting-edge technology to create new life and to achieve new self-value.

Newsmy Group holds the leading position in domestic market in China. Media and end-users pay quite high attention to Newsmy™ brand.