Newsmy E-booker Reader Licens

Newsmy E-booker Reader Licens2012-09-12

Newsmy E-booker Reader is one member of the first group winners of National E-journal Distribution and Copy License, totally 8 and 12 domestic enterprises respectively gaining distributing qualification and copy qualification.

Till now only the following 7 enterprises have obtained the two mentioned qualification certificates at once time:
Newman, Hanvon, Aigo, Founder, SNDA, Yiboshi, Jinke, etc. to the authorized copy content.

Distribution qualification indicates the above 7 manufacturers are entitled with issuing, spreading original e-book substance, on the contrary other enterprisers cant enjoy the favorable right, meanwhile the content suppliers are not allowed to cooperated with these non-qualified firms.

Copy qualification means e-book manufacture has the right of processing, arranging and listing ect to the authorized copy content.