China IT Brand Survey Champion in 2008

China IT Brand Survey Champion in 20082012-09-24

On April 21st, 2008, the latest “China IT brand survey report” was released. Defending champion, Newman, once again, successfully dominated MP3/MP4 and portable hard disk drive market share in 2008 by taking 29.68% and 26.75% respectively. This has been the fourth year in a role for Newman to be the No.1 leading brand in China on consumer electronics, leaving the other competitors far behind.

This annual “China IT brand survey” is one of the biggest and most influential events in IT industry in China. All data were from the most authoritative domestic market survey organization CRT and market center of “Computer Newspaper”. Every year, there are more than 100,000 individuals participate in this survey, which makes it the biggest sampling, the most extensive event. It not only reflects the general strength of each global/domestic IT manufacturer, also gives a guiding instruction on the general IT market trend.

The report shows Newman not only dominates the current MP3/MP4 player and portable storage market, but also shows strong buying intention from potential users on Newman’s “Newsmy” brand. In this fierce competition market, Newman’s products have been known by the consumers for high quality, multi-functions and competitive price. While keep increasing the product quality, Newman established“Newman express service”post-sale service support firstly in China. Quality & service support system guarantees the outstanding achievement of Newman products among many brands and won the No.1 leading market share title.

In the single model market survey, Newman M8000 won lots of good compliments. Unique wide screen M8000 not only has powerful video recording function at maximum D1 (720x480) resolution, recording on timer settings, but can connect to TV by AV-in and AV-out interface. The user just needs to setup the TV program he/she likes, the M8000 will automatically record it on time. With Newman M8000, users no longer need to worry about missing wonderful TV programs. More to mention, the M8000 also shows excellent gaming function. It supports all classic Nintendo NES games, letting the users recall the happiness in the teenage time. Therefore, the M8000 fully deserve the honor of the most competitive technology product.

Newman today has established leading competitive technology in many consumer electronics products. More and more innovations were created, including mobile phones, GPS and optical storage products. Newman has been acknowledged by the industry as the leader of China consumer electronics. Newman people will continue facing the challenges with their passionate, creative and effective attitude!