Newsmy Shines in Indonesia

Newsmy Shines in Indonesia 2012-09-27

Beijing Newsmy, China’s biggest portable digital device maker, introduced its latest products to Indonesian at INDOCOMTECH 2007, a great exposition held in Jakarta in 14-18 November. 

Beijing Newsmy presented its portable media players, portable storage devices, GPS, and mobile phones at INDOCOMTECH 2007. Among the portable media players, N-, K- and R- series gained most eyeballs for their fashionable design and multifunction. With its light-to-74g design, Newsmy K8 player, which can work as FM radio, portable media player, camera, and camcorder, became a star to the visitors at the exposition. 

“Newsmy products have much more popularity in Indonesia market than we expected. And we will release more digital products designed specially for Indonesia users.” said a senior executive at Beijing Newsmy, adding that all presented products are sold out to local clients as samples. According to electronics industry analysts, Beijing Newsmy’s success in Indonesia should be ascribed to its insights into the trends in Southeast Asian user habits. 

As parts of a global tour beginning in early 2007, after its exposure at INDOCOMTECH 2007, Beijing Newsmy will unveil new products at Argentina Electronic Show held in La Rural, Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires, in Nov.29 - Dec.2, 2007.