Newman Sponsors China Gold Record Award Competition

Newman Sponsors China Gold Record Award Competition2012-10-17

Newman, China’s biggest MP3/MP4 player manufacturer, announced that it sponsors China Gold Record Award (CGRA) competition, the top one in the Chinese music industry.

CGRA, initiated in 1989, was seen as the greatest award by the modern Chinese artists, musicians, and singers. The 6th CGRA competition will be jointly hold in September and October 2007 by China National Radio, China Radio International, and other audio & video organizations. In China, CGRA is a perfect platform to help those music lovers make their singer dream come true. This year, CGRA will create China’s best singers and musicians as it did before.


Newman’s CGRA sponsorship is aimed to make more chances for those that love music and want to be a best singer. As China’s biggest MP3/MP4 player, Newman thinks it is parts of Newman’s social responsibilities to get more music lovers to realize their singer dream.


In 2006, Beijing Newman sponsored Dream China, which is China’s biggest TV show based singer competition for average people.

About Beijing Newman

Newman is China’s largest manufacturer of innovative portable digital devices with the following advantages:

* The biggest market share winner in China, the most populous country in the world, for yeas, with long-term users and partners’ trust.
* Specialize in manufacturing portable digital devices.
* Have over 11 years’ designing and developing experiences.
* Research and development team of over 100 engineers.
* Consider for you the balancing of reasonably low cost and absolutely high quality.
* Quicker delivery and top-notch customer service.

Beijing based Newman, established in 1996, designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports a series of portable digital devices. Newman’s featured products include MP3 and MP4 players, portable storage devices (flash drive, portable hard drive), GPS, mobile phones and other electronics.

Newman has over 3,500 employees. Newman has been enhancing its advantages in research and development, production, and post-sales service. According to the data of the third-party research firm ZDC, Newman has had the biggest share of the MP3/MP4 player market in China since 2005 for its high performance.

Newman is ISO 9001- and UKAS- certified, and Newman products are CE- and FCC- approved. In 2006, the China branch of the US magazine TWICE (This Week in Consumer Electronics), the world’s most reputable business newspaper of consumer electronics, granted Newman the Leading Consumer Electronics Enterprise Award for its achievements in the consumer electronics industry.

Newman maintains long-term partnerships with the major buyers worldwide, including the importers, distributors, retailers, and sales partners.

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