Comprehensive performance evaluation of King Cost Performance---Newman N1 Smart Phone

Comprehensive performance evaluation of King Cost Performance---Newman N1 Smart Phone2012-11-13

The first kind dual-core 1 GHZ processor smart phone Newman N1 of Newman Company have come out, with its amazing low price 899RMB in China. This is the most shocked message that Newman bring to us, attracting millions attention to its new product.

We can see that the most attractive thing of Newman N1 is its configuration and price. Believing that the vast majority of users do not care about the the phone's appearance, but its high cost performance.


Today, please let me bring the Newman N1 phone performance evaluation to

every one here.


Quick View:

->It is 4.3 inch full view angle IPS 5-Point Touch screen, with QHD 960*540 resolution display.

->MTK6577 solution 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM support extenal 32GB SD Card. Dual-core Cortex-A9 processor 1GHz with a PowerVR SGX531 GPU.

->Dual SIM card standby design. 0.3M front camera & 8M pixel back camera.


View from the specification above, it is really very attractive. Then Ado, let's look at the performance run points.


MTK6577 dual-core processor technology parsing:

MTK6577 chip is Taiwan Media Tek newly developed integrated dual-core chip, known as the integration of third-generation chip. It brings us a more robust performance.


We usually call Media Tek MTK6577 chip as a platform. It highly integrates one Dual-core ARM Contex-A9 1GHz architecture processor, one 3G/HSPA Modem chip, and one Imagination Tehchnology Company's PowerVRTM SGX SERIES5 3D GPU. In short, it is similar to the PC platform, it integrates CPU, Graphics Card and wireless Network Chip all in one. MT6577 chip is pin-compatible with the previous generation MT6575 chip. Therefore, companies that adopt this platform can save part of the upgrade costs and speed time to market.


Compared with single-core MT6575 platform, the dual-core MT6577 platform supports the latest Android 4.0 OS. Moreover, the more advanced design architecture makes the browser and various application performance greatly increased. In addition to these, its multimedia performance, image processing technology and dual card dual standby are also in advanced.



MediaTek MT6577 chip have upgreded the number of cores from MTK6575, Integrats two 1-1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9 architecture synchronous core.

Thus it can improves its process and structure, increases the secondary cache, making its overall performance increased by 30-40% than the single-core 6575 chip.



Quadrant advanced benchmark run scores test:

Let us begin the run scores test first, after all it is the most intuitive and the most accurate test mode. We often use Quadrant Advanced to run score test software for the Android Mobile Phones.



Antutu Benchmark:

First, we use Vellamo and Antutu performance for testing. Antutu is one kind comprehensive performance test, it can test the overall performance of the phone.



The Geili(excellent) scores of the Ant test:

After testing, we can see that this phone is very powerful.

All of these is mainly due to the powerful performance of the MT6577 processor. We also have compared the scores of Newman N1 with start product HTC EVO 3D, the result is show as follow:



Comparison of the actual results of Vellamo:

Summary: Today we focused on the performance of dual-core Newman N1.The run scores is to let everyone here to know the system and other features of this phone. And it allows us to understand that the mobile phone can achieve brilliant 3D games. At present, we have to advance into the era of dual-core smartphones, today this Newman the N1 has officially appear in front of us. Dual-core mobile war is imminent.