Gyroscope of the high cost-effective Dual core Smart Phone Newman N1

Gyroscope of the high cost-effective Dual core Smart Phone Newman N12012-11-13

What is the most exciting of the smart phone Newman N1 is its high cost-effective, high performance with low price.


It is MTK6577 solution 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM .

So far, the MTK6577 chip is the newest model of MTK, uses the 40 nm process technology, making the main frequency reaches 1GHz.

Dual-core Cortex - A9 design framework has greatly improved the effectiveness of the browser & various application up to 40%.

Excellent 3G/HSPA modem and PowerVR SGX Series5 3D GPU. Android 4.0 OS. Support two SIM Card slot. Witha 0.3M front camera and a 8M autofocus back camera, making the maxpicture resolution can reach3264*2448 pixels.


As many fans know, many International Brand Cell Phones makers such as Lenovo & Amoi also use the MTK6577 CPU. But the most important thing to Newman N1 Smart Phone is its insurmountable Cost Performance show to us.


It also deserves to be mentioned in its dual sim dual standby function. It has two SIM card slots. The user do not need to fixed the SIM card slot and can set the SIM SWAP according to the service condition, so that it can connect the Internet via 3G signal whichsoever SIM card you uses.


Many friends maybe have one question: if the Newman N1 cell phone has gyroscope ? Because the Specifications do not show the gyroscope. The answer is "Yes, it has!". Besides the gyroscope, the G-sensor and the Distance Sensor also contained.


Antiilliteracy: Many people maybe know little about the gyroscope, now let me introduce it to you simply.

In my opinion, it will have no reaction to turn left or light when the Phones only have the G-sensorhorizontally placedon the table . But the gyroscope ones can feels when it turn left or light.


Firstly it measures the angular velocity of the object rotating, then the processor of the phone process it and obtain the angle of rotation of a certain period of time.

In fact , the G-sensor can obtain the relatively horizontal angle of rotation of the phone. You can make a experiment yourself, making the phone around a vertical ground shaft rotation, you will find that the one with gyroscope is able to sense the rotation while the one only has G-sensor can not.


General speaking, the old phones only can sense the relatively horizontal rotation angle while the one with gyroscope all around.


What is more, when you enter the tunnel using GPS to assisted positions. The gyroscope can provide a precise angle to determine its own position, although the GPS has lose its satellite signal. In fact, the phone can recognize you more action when your body rotating.