Get N1 Mobile Phone for Free Now!!

Get N1 Mobile Phone for Free Now!!2012-11-19

To thank all the regular customers and our new users, we are promoting dual-core double card N1 and quad-core N2 mobile phones for you to celebrate the upcoming Christmas. You shall win one Newsmy N1 mobile phone for FREE by commenting it in a minute! The phones are limited, and we will send numbers of N1 coupons to you!

Action now with the following 3 steps:

1. Write an advertorial about N1 not less than 300 words, in which you can comment, predict, and compare N1 with other products.

2. Release your article on your Facebook or blog, and please LIKE Newsmy Facebook homepage.

3. Register on our official page and leave your personal information and URL of your article.


1. The words of your article about N1 should meet our requirements without obvious mistakes.

2. Good interaction of your article on the Internet is a key point for us to send free N1.

Event starts from Nov 15th 2012 to Dec 20 2012

Notes: If you are so lucky to win our N1 mobile phone, please take a photo of it and upload on your Facebook, and you will probably get coupons for N2 from Newsmy. More information, see our Newsmy official Facebook.

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