Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day2012-11-22
Newman Thanksgiving Day The origin of Thanksgiving to have been traced back to the history of the United States commencement. In 1620, the famous "mayflower" ship loaded with unbearable British domestic of religious persecution Puritan 102 people had arrived in America. In 1620 and 1621 years of hand in winter, they met with unimaginable difficulties, in suffering from cold and hunger in, after the winter, survive immigration there are only some fifty people. Based on the newcomer is the guest "belief and customs, the indians to these immigrants brought the necessaries of life, and teach them hunting, fishing and planting corn, pumpkin and so on survival method. In the Indian's help, the new immigrants from Europe gradually got used to the local way of living. In celebrating the harvest day, European immigrants invited the indians to thank heaven together. In the current well known Thanksgiving version, often only emphasis on both sides of the friendly relations and joy to celebrate atmosphere; But there are also many people pointed out that, only blindly emphasizes the joy of Thanksgiving and friendly to the indians is not fair. Because it is easy to let the people tend to forget the follow-up to Indian exploitation and killings history. Many people believe that the United States first Thanksgiving is Indian people and new immigrants in the first time thank god-given that day. However, for many Indian people, this is not the first time people gathered here thank heaven experience. For some New England Indian people, they had a Thanksgiving celebration of existence. These indians held Thanksgiving celebration of six times, they according to different season held Thanksgiving ceremony. In the autumn harvest season a Thanksgiving ceremony, for these Indian people, is their a year in the fifth Thanksgiving celebration. The average person know "Thanksgiving origin", in fact, is the first European new immigration and the indians with them thank god for the day, not the so-called "America's first Thanksgiving Day". The first European new immigration and indians celebrate together the Thanksgiving lasted for three days, the two sides also agreed to a peaceful and friendly agreement: Indian welcome them in one block belongs to the indians' land belongs to new immigrants built his own village. This time was mutual friendship gradually consolidate start, but unfortunately, the friendly relations and didn't last long. Due to no longer as need to Indian aid, some new immigrants slowly forgotten them a began to suffer from difficulty and receive the help, Plus more new immigrants constant influx, both don't trust gradually raised, the friction produced more and more; Some of the new immigration and even don't tolerate Indian religious beliefs, trying to teach, persuade Indian their faith is not correct. Many of the friction and conflict leads to the later "philippe the king's war". Newman staff wish you happy Thanksgiving Day!!!