To crowd the Ultra-thin 4mm Newsmy S8 Mini Quad-core tablet PC

To crowd the Ultra-thin 4mm Newsmy S8 Mini Quad-core tablet PC 2013-05-03

With the rapid growth of the tablet PC market in 2013, all manufacturers strive to occupy this Quad-core tablet market. As one of the vital roles in the tablet PC field, Newsmy also released multiple Android Quad-core tablet PC during this year, each style of tablet put in the market in the second quarter features full selling points, among them there is a Newsmy S8 mini with ultra-thin body of7.2mmglobal wide and Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU which can reach up to 1.6 GHz, here let’s see how this device surprises us!

Brand New Cortex A9 Quad core Surging power

Newsmy S8 mini adopts high performance Cortex-A9 Quad-core processor RK3188, the main frequency can reach up to 1.6 GHz; as the most advanced tablet processor, it is faster and more sensitive. Higher secondary cache and none bandwidth brings us more than two times faster speed of data processing and transmission and dramatically increase the use experience for tablet PC.
Top 28nm manufacturing processing    Super long displaying time

Newsmy S8 mini adopts the top leading 28nm manufacturing processing technique and the most optimal Cortex-A9 Quad core architecture; compared with the mainstream 32nm processor, it achieves a significant advance in low-power consumption. It can save 60% operating power consumption at the same frequency and increase 55% performance boost at the same leakage rate. Moreover, it can effectively prolong displaying time reply on the ultra-low leakage transistors.
7.2mm ultra-thin Aluminum body   7.9 inch top level screen

Newsmy S8 mini has fashionable appearance, comprehensive upgraded in its producing process and material, the exquisite technique has achieved international leading level. Dynamic linear design makes the whole thickness reaches to amazing7.2mm, the thinnest part is even4.4mmas thin as wings, the thickness enables you to operate the device only with a single hand.

Newsmy S8 mini with 7.9 inch IPS whole view angle screen, brand new plane toughened glass panel, plus the double deck glass panel at top G+G level technique process, better smooth touch feelings and more realistic light transmission all makes HD sights reflect fast without any delaying, all gives you a memorable journey and visual feast. S8mini in your hands , beautiful touch in your heart!


High-performance Quad-core GPU,2G  memory

Newsmy S8 mini adopts the top Quad-core MALI400MP powerful graphic processor, its graphic processing ability is invincible with fine and delicate sight, it can support mainstream games without any difficulty;2G internal memory and faster response system enables you to enjoy 3D games always smoothly.


Dual auto focus camera of front 2 mega & rear 5mega

With built-in dual auto focus camera of front 2 mega & rear 5 mega, Newsmy S8mini enables you to make web video call and operate face unlock function, in the meanwhile, you can also take HD pictures at anytime and catch more wonderful and memorable moments.
Innovative4Gnetwork    Enjoy high speed internet access

The most outstanding features of Newsmy S8mini is that it skips3Gand supports the latest4Gnetwork via external USD4Gdongle, which enables you to download files at the speed of 100Mbps, 2000 times faster than download by dial up access. Meanwhile, the speed can reach up to 20Mbps during upload files.