Iphone 6 Release Date Confirmed?

Iphone 6 Release Date Confirmed?2013-07-29
Apple will beat its own fall prediction for the iPhone 6 release but only by a day, as it arrives on Friday September 20th, the final day of summer. The launch event will come ten days earlier on September 10th at a Tuesday media event in San Francisco, during which the iPhone 6 hardware and the finalized version of iOS 7 will be unveiled, along with whatever headlining iPhone 6 software feature Apple has been keeping in reserve. Alongside the iPhone 6 will come the iPod touch 6, which will look curiously similar to the iPhone 6, and possibly the long awaited iWatch.

That’ll all according to our best effort at combining what we know of Apple’s launch history with what Apple has told us so far to pin down the iPhone 6 release date as specifically as possible. Apple says iOS 7 is coming in the “fall” which technically doesn’t begin until September 20th. But in common language, fall is thought of as beginning after Labor Day. Apple traditionally holds a press event on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September to unveil any products it plans to ship in time for the holiday season, then puts them on the market before September is over. Apple won’t hold a press event on Sept 11th out of respect for 9/11, so it’ll be on Tuesday Sept 10th instead. And Apple always holds its retail launches on a Friday so people won’t mind getting in line after the get off work, which pegs the iPhone 6 release date on Friday Sept 20th.

How sure are we that September 20th is the iPhone 6 release date? Not at all. Apple plays product launches close to the vest. But it’s our best educated estimate.