The Leading Position Of Android in Smartphone Market

The Leading Position Of Android in Smartphone Market2013-08-01

Android has retained its leading position in smartphone sale market in the ending Q2 2013 with a 51.5 percent sales share. iOS follows with 42.5 percent, growing 3.3 percent compared to 2012, according to new data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Other OS brands smartphone wholesale to see movement include Windows with 4 percent smartphone sales share, up 1.1 percent.

Among carriers, Verizon remained not only the top carrier but also the only carrier to increase its share over this time (36.9% share, up 1.9%). Otherwise, the year ending June 2013 saw little movement across other carriers. AT&T remains second (26.5%), Sprint in third (13.8%) and T-Mobile in fourth position at 10 percent. For the ending Q2 in 2013, iOS sales were made up of 40 percent sales from Verizon, 39 percent from AT&T, 10 percent from Sprint and 8 percent from T-Mobile. While T-Mobile has seen the most increase in iOS sales with the introduction of the iPhone on this carrier occurring only recently, Verizon scores the most sales over the period.

Verizon has also been successful at capturing the most Android and Windows sales as well, with 35 percent of Android's sales coming from Verizon, 17 percent from Sprint, 16 percent from AT&T and 13 percent from T-Mobile. Smartphone distributors also saw similar numbers in Verizon's favour. In addition, 57 percent of Verizon's sales this quarter occurred thanks to female buyers, compared to 50 percent on AT&T. Verizon also saw a lot of first time smartphone buyers purchasing iPhones (25% vs. 21% of feature phone users upgrading to iOS on AT&T). However, AT&T saw slightly more upgrading to an Android from a feature phone on their carrier.