PCs vs. Tablets in College Students Market

PCs vs. Tablets in College Students Market2013-08-12

PCs are the most popular gadgets among college students. While some 82% of college students own PCs and 80% have smartphones, just 18% own tablets. That may provide hope for the future of the PC. The combination of smartphones and laptops makes the tablet redundant for students.

Unless you’re shooting for a degree in Angry Birds, tablets are a horrible back-to-school purchase. You can’t write a 10-page research paper with an iPad. While android tablet suppliers are getting better at innovating — with cases that double as keyboards and new digital pens — it’s still easier to take notes on a laptop or desktop keyboard. And while physical keyboards are available for the iPad and other tablets, the traditional Windows desktop interface is easier for multitasking than Android or iOS tablets.

A lightweight laptop like the Macbook Air can perform most extra-curricular tablet activities, but the opposite is not always true. You can’t throw a party in your dorm room and use your tablet as your main speakers. Not only can students write a paper on a PC, they can also listen to music, stream Netflix and even play video games. All those experiences are optimized for the PC because you have a bigger screen and better audio.

Another reason PCs are winning out with students: price. Desktop PCs are at their cheapest during September when students are going back to school, Ramirez says, with prices starting at $200 for a dual-core desktop PC. The tablet pc wholesale is simply a wiser, more realistic investment for any student this fall. Indeed, while over a third (34%) of U.S.