Dispatch System Applied On Tablet PC

Dispatch System Applied On Tablet PC2013-08-19

The MAX Dispatch system is now fully operational on a tablet PC or laptop, enabling public-safety agencies and communication control centers to respond quickly and deliver remote, temporary, backup/mobile dispatching.

The MAX Dispatch system now delivers on a tablet PC or laptop the full functionality it provides at operator positions in the control room. This gives customers the flexibility to deploy temporary, backup or mobile dispatch operations quickly, securely and affordably, when the need arises.

As a result, MAX Dispatch now supports a number of scenarios that are common to many tablet pc manufacturers and public safety agencies.

For example, if a communication centre must be evacuated due to a storm, flood or other natural disaster, dispatch operations can quickly be transferred to a backup centre that is utilizing MAX Dispatch on tablet PCs or laptops. That same centre can be ready and waiting to provide additional dispatching support over tablet PCs or laptops if a large-scale event overwhelms the main centre’s dispatch operations. And inside the communication centre, MAX Dispatch operating on a tablet PC or laptop allows a supervisor to keep in touch with dispatch operations while moving throughout the building.