Kid Tablet

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  • Size:8inch
  • LCD resolution:800*1280IPS
  • Touch Panel:Capacity TP,P+G,5 Point touch
  • Type:Li-polymer Battery
  • Product description: K2-green-kid-tablet-pc
Type Item Description
LCD Size 8inch
LCD resolution 800*1280IPS
TP Touch Panel Capacity TP,P+G,5 Point touch
Virtual button YES
Battery Type Li-polymer Battery
Capacity 3.7V/4000mAh
Runtime Standby time: about 400hrs, Talk time:about 6hrs, 4-5hrs with WIFI
System Hardware Configuration:
CPU Type RK3126C
Frequency Quad-core ARM Cortex A7 1.3GHz
GPU Type Mali 400 MP2

Hardware decoding
Video encoding format Video (H264,H263,mpeg4,vp8,vp9)  File Type (*.3gp,*.mp4, *.ts,*.mkv,*.avi),Support 30 FPS full 1080p HD format video playback
Audio encoding format audio code(aac,amrnb,amrwb,g711-alaw,g711-mlaw,mp3,vorbis,alac,raw,flac,gsm) File Type (*.mp3,*.wav,*.ogg,*.flac,*.mid,*.amr,*.aac,*.ts,*.mp4 ,*.m4a,*.3gp,*.mkv )
Image format PNG,GIF,BMP,JPEG
Storage RAM 1GB
Extended Storage Max 32GB
Camera Front 0.3 Mega pixels
Rear 0.3 Mega pixels
Speaker Internal 8Ω/1W *1
Sensor G_sensor YES
Network Connection
WIFI WIFI YES,WIFI 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0 Optional
2.1 YES
I/O Configuration
Button Physical button YES,Power//vol+;vol-/Reset/ESC
virtual button YES
I/O Extended Storage YES
USB Socket Micro USB OTG, support charging
earphone socket YES, 3.5mm
DC socket Yes
Software Configuration
OS OS Andriod 8.1
Language Multi-language supportiveChinese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean,etc.
Security Control Applications Filter Select appropriate applications for kids, and block inappropriate contents like bloody and violent content
Websites Filtering When children use the Internet browser, it will automatically block the websites without parental permission
Content and Management Applications Recommendation Recommend with educational games and other applications which are suitable for kids.
Multimedia Management Children can open "Video" application in the children desktop and see all good movies selected by parents; similarly, children can open the "Gallery" and "Music" application and seepictures and listen to songs which are previously prepared.
Behavior Restrictions Child Lock Without permission of parents, children will not be able to exit the child desktop.
Consumption Restraint All purchases require parents` confirmation by entering the password. Prevent kids’unexpected consumption from clicking wrong buttons
Time Limit Parents can set a timetable for kids to use tablet and have a break time
Behavior Report The system automatically produces detailed reports of applications usage which record kids` behavior on using various applications and the frequency


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