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Newsmy HiFi CarPAD Android DVD Player

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Newsmy HiFi CarPAD Android DVD Player

NewsmyCarPad productis dual system CarDVD, which including a WinCE host processor system and a Android computer system, the two systems are connected by our unique DH-Link(Digital HiFi link) cable. The Car PAD has a lot of unique technologies and features:


Part I :  Features of Android computer


(1) Very powerful CPU and GPU processor


(2) Capacitive touch panel & HD resolution (1024*600)

(3) Latest Android4.1 system

(4) Unique design of the external CAR PAD computer


(5) Easy and convenient upgrade the hardware and software of CAR PAD coumputer


(5) WinCE & Anroid dual system, support dual map run at the same time

(6) Easy 3G & WiFi connection

(7) Hardware Specification




Dual Core ARM A9,Rockchip3066, Frequence 1.6GHz


Quad core Mali400



Internal Storage

4GBNAND  Flash


Resolution800×480/1024×600,24Bit color depth

Touch screen

Capacitor touch screen


Build in



Storage card



2 * USB

IR control

Supported (optional)

(8) Software specification




Android 4.0/4.1




Google map, any map for Android

Video performance & formats

1080P(resolution1920×1080)Full HD decoding, Frame rate30FPS,

formats included:

RMVB(.rm, .rmvb)


H.264(.mkv, .mp4)


MPEG2(.dat, .mpg)



H.263(.flv, .3gp)

VC1, DIVX,and so on

Audio performance & formats

HiFi Audio decoding, support APE & FLAClossless compressionaudio, 

other formats included:

MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, OGG, BSAC, EAAC+and so on.

Picture decode


JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and so on

File management

Supported file exploring, copy, deleting and so on


Supported U disk ,hard disk,  multimedia directly play, 

file copying, connected to PC and so on


Part II :  Features of WinCE Host

 (1) Hi-Fi Audio System

  1.  SNR up to 93dB

   2. Support APE, FLAC lossless compression audio format

   3. 5.1 channel line out

   4. Wolfson 5.1 channel Codec WM8580

   5. ST TDA7415 HiFi audio processor, 4x55W HiFi amplifier TDA7851

   6. Mitsumi high sensitivity radio receive module

   7. 8 layer high accuracy PCB ensure high quality audio signal

   8. Naturally sound mixing technology, no interruption between different sound source

(2)  HiFi Video System

   1. 1024x600/800x480 resolution HD panel

   2. 24bit/32bits display depth, fully color rendition(normal products usually use 16bits) 

   3. 1080p(1920x1080) HD video decoding

   4. Support RMVB, AVI, ASF, WMV internet video formats and so on

   5. Ti'sTVPP5146 high accuracy video AD(12bit) (normal products use 10bit)

  (3) High accuracy navigation system

  1.  Swiss uBlox GPS module

  2.  5 meters high accuracy positioning

  3.  42 seconds fast cold boot positioning

(4) Original car system  

1.  Original Steering Control Supported

2.  Original CAN-BUS Decode Supported

3.  Original Rear View System Supported

4.  Original Digital Amplifier Supported

5.  Original AUX function Supported

(5) Other innovational features

      In addition to the above, Newsmy HIFI Car Audio Navigation System has a plenty

      of  other innovational features:

1)   Decoding 1080P HD Video to create Home Theater effect:Video Resolution up to

      1920x1080, most of the video format(MPEG1, MPEG2, H2.64, RMVB, VC1, H2.63,

      WMV, ASF) are supported and can playing directly and smoothly without installing any

      other Player Software.  4*50W high power output providing stunning auditory feast,

      with impeccable video quality create great effect as if the home theater. Additionally,

      5.1-channel line-out can meet with any external HiFi amplifier.

2)   Standard 3G Internet access, share the bandwidth with the computer:Both EVDO &

      WCDMA is supported. For the 3G function, users only need to buy the USB 3G Dongle

      and SIM card. Meanwhile, if you want to use the 3G module to surf the internet on the

      computer, please unplug the 3G module from the car and plug it into the USB port of

      the computer.

3)  Support most of the popular map in the world:  map can be flexibly installed in internal

      disk, U disk/hard disk, or SD/T card, the serial port used for GPS receiver is COM5, 

      baud rate is 9600 bps.

4)   High Definition display, High permeability touch screen: 1024x600/800x400 HD Digital

      Screen, support 32bit color display, use the high permeability touch screen which has

      a high light transmittance rate of up to 85%.

5)   HIFI Audio Decoding: In software, the product support not only the common audio

      formats like MP3, WMA, WAV etc., but also the FLAC & APE lossless compression HIFI

      audio formats. Hardware is also designed for HiFi, including the Wolfson 5.1 Channel

      Codec, ST 4x50W HIFI Amplifier. For the hardcore audiophiles, system has the 5.1 

      Channel HIFI line output so that users can use their favorite external amplifier.

6)    Car standard DVD loader:Sharp laser head, strong resistance to high temperature

       and cold,good heat dissipation and dustproof performance,super stability and life,can

       bear -20 ~ 70℃temperature.moreover, it still has strong anti-shock , can keep stable 

       in 1.5 g


7)    Limitless button light adjustmen:  button backlight can be adjusted by RGB value, so 

       users can set it to any color.

8)    USB interface with charge function:two USB interfaces, one USB
       OTG port. 1.1 A @ 5 v stable output capability, can meet the charging demand for

       commonly used mobile phones,camera,video,Mp3, Mp4 and other equipment.

9)    With natural sound mixing effect:support natural remix for 

       navigation/DVD/music/television and more equipments, make the sound more natural

       and pleasant.(normal car DVD without this technology, e.g. If navigation sound

       appears, the background music will be stopped for a while).

10)  Intelligent self protection function:built in Fan,and temperature sensor, the system will

       start the self protection according to the environment temperature, such as starting or

       stopping the fan, closing the system and so on. Users can also control the fan when

       to work by setting the start temperature in setting menu.

11)  Radio with convenient channel selection function:built-in the radio station name list

       with most area of the country(the default name list is for China cities, for oversea

       users, they can edit the name list by themselves), users only need to select the area

       then it can show all stations name in this area, only need to select the demanded

       station by name; at the same time, it supports user defining the radio frequency and



12) Strong function for expansibility:host hardware can support a variety of extension 

       module, Including 3G module, TPMS, IPOD, CAN decoding, rear view camera, rear

       panels and so on, according to need, user can upgrades at any time , only need to

       link corresponding module into host reserved interface. No need to dismounting host.


13)  Super support for USB storage:(1) the USB interface with strong capability for current

        output. can reach peak at 1.5 A @ 5 v, can drive 1.8 inches and 2.5 inches various

        USB HDD; (2) the file system with excellent compatibility, support FAT, FAT32,

        ExFAT, NTFS file systems. Especially no capacity limitation of the USB storages.

14)   Convenient file management:the same file management as Windows, support the

        bidirectional copy ,delete,paste etc functions between the internal storage and the

        external TF card, USB Drive and USB Hard Drive.

15)   Convenient and simple Software update :The product is quite powerful, we will keep

        on perfecting the functions by software update in future, and end user could

        download the latest software from our official website, so customer could have the

        permanent on line update service. Meanwhile, our well-designed system could

        ensure the safety under updating.

16)   Ducted cooling system:Ducted cooling system make the size smaller than general

        cooling system,and working more efficiently,this could not only reduce the heating

        and prolong the product’s life, but also can reduce the noise.

17)  Stable and reliable power system:Stable, reliable and low power consumption design, 

        ensure the longtime stable working of the unit, even the engine is under starting , the

        voltage of car will quickly drop from 12.7 V to 5V, Newsmy's unit can also working as

        normal, will never power off and reset, in this condition, most of the normal products

        will power off and reset.

18)  Precise automatic timing:system time is automatic setted by the GPS

       System,synchronized as International atomic clock,100,000 years mistake is less than

       one second, no need adjusting time in the whole life.

19)  Support Headrest Monitor display:support three Headrest Monitor Display at most.

20)  Support OPS function:Self developed can bus decoding technology, perfectly support

       all the OPS function from original car Factory, including Radar virtual display, Backing

       track and steel wheel control etc.

21)  Support Reversing Pedestrian Recognition:Through build in High efficient Pedestrian 

       Recognition algorithm, the product can recognize the people from the rear camera,

       remind the driver to  mind the person behind the car by sound and image,

       dramatically improve the driving safety.

(6)Hardware Specification




Arm11, Telechips 8902, Frequence 800MHz


DDRII 256M @360MHz

Internal Storage

4GB NAND  Flash


Resolution 800×480/1024×600, 24Bit color depth

Touch screen

4 line resistor touch screen,light transmittance over85%



Digital TV


Analog TV

Supported (optional)

Radio receiver




Blue tooth


Audio codec

Wolfson 5.1 channel Codec


ST HIFI amplifier TDA7851/7861, 4X50W

3G module


Rear screen

Support 3 channel CVBS output



Storage card

SD or T card


2 * USB

Rear camera

Supported (optional)


Supported (optional)


1 channel

IPOD interface


Steering wheel control


IR control

Supported (optional)


Internal temperature sensor 

Cooling fan


HIFI output

Support 5.1channel  audio line-out

(7) Software specification






Chinese,English,Russia, French, Italy, Spanish


IGO, Route66, TOMTOM, Garmin, Sygic or any other map

Video performance & formats

1080P(resolution 1920×1080)Full HD decoding, Frame rate 30FPS, formats included:

RMVB(.rm, .rmvb)


H.264(.mkv, .mp4)


MPEG2(.dat, .mpg)



H.263(.flv, .3gp)

VC1, DIVX, and so on

Audio performance & formats

HiFi Audio decoding, support APE & FLAC lossless compression audio, other formats included:

MP3, MP2, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, OGG, BSAC, EAAC+ and so on.


Supported LRC

Picture decode


JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and sliding play

Text files



Can store 20 FM channels, 10 AM channels, auto search,supported loading station name lists, supported defining the name of a station

File management

Supported file exploring, copy, deleting and so on

3G dongle



Supported dial, listen and phonebook


Supported U disk ,hard disk,  multimedia directly play, file copying, connected to PC and so on

( 8 )Key performance & parameters



Normal Standard

Storage temperature



Working temperature



shock resistance

1.5G operation

1.5G operation


Contact discharge±8KV,air discharge±20KV

Contact±8KV, air±15KV

Power consumption

Working current < 10A,power down current < 3mA


Radio frequence

FM:87.5 MHz--108.0MHz



GPS sensitivity

Capture  -145dBm

Tracking  -160dBm


FM/AM sensitivity





Audio SNR

Over 85dB(A weighted)

80dB(A weighted)

Maximal output power

4 X50W/2Ω@ 14.4V/1KHz/10%

4 X30W/4Ω@ 14.4V/1KHz/10%



CarPAD product list
Brand   Car model Item name information Panel size
BYD 1 BYD S6 DT7001G-01 high end model 10.2 inch
2 DT7001G-02 low end model
Kia 3 K5 DT5214S   8.0 inch
4 K3 DT5250S  
Hyundai 5 Avante DT5249S   8.0 inch
6 Sonata DT5215S high end model 8.0 inch
7 Sonata DT5215S-01 low end model 8.0 inch
Ford 8 Focus DT5233S-01 high end model 8.0 inch
9 Focus DT5233S low end model
Volkswagen 10 all VW models DT3223S-06   7.0 inch


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